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All works for one piano, four hands unless otherwise indicated



Beth Anderson                           

Seymour Barab                          

Samuel Barber                           

Stephen Barr                               

Amy Beach                                  

Leonard Bernstein                      


Johannes Brahms                        

Douglas Briley                            

Victoria Bond                              

Judy Bruce                                                                   






Muzio Clementi                            

John Corigliano

Claude Debussy

David del Tredeci

Emma Lou Diemer


Antonin Dvorak



Jacqueline Fontyn

George Gershwin



Louis Moreau Gottschalk


Charles B. Griffith

Marie Jaell

Nikolai Kapustin

John LaMontaine

Jane Leslie




Franz Liszt

Edward McDowell

Fanny Mendelssohn

Felix Mendelssohn

Darius Milhaud

Akiyo Miyoshi

W.A. Mozart




Douglas Ovens

Francis Poulenc


Sergei Rachmaninoff

Marga Richter

Erik Satie

Franz Schubert



Erwin Schulhoff

Robert Starer

Igor Stravinsky

Hilary Tann

Joelle Wallach

Judith Lang Zaimont

Belgian Tango

Variations on a Hebrew Theme                        

Souvenirs, op. 28                         

When men are fairy tales in books written by rabbits:
Overture for piano, four hands (2012)*                              

Three movements for piano, four hands                                

Selections from Candide
West Side Story medley                    


Hungarian Dances                       

Colorado Suite                           


Jacob's Dreams (2011)*

Flying (2012)*

Circle of Life (2018)



Sonatas, op. 14 and 16                      

Gazebo Dances

Petite Suite


Variations in Homage to Ravel, Schoenberg, and
May Aufderheide

Slavonic Dances, op. 46
Slavonic Dances, op. 72
From the Bohemian Forest, op. 68



Cuban Overture

Rhapsody in Blue

I Got Rhythm Variations

Ojos Criollos

La Scintiilla

From the Faraway Nearby: Homage to Georgia O’Keeffe

Five Waltzes

Sinfonietta, op. 49


A Walk in the Country


City Nights

Listen to the Rain



Mephisto Waltz

Moon Pictures

Four Early Pieces

Allegro Brilliante, op. 92

Scaramouche (2 pianos)

Petite Suite

Sonata in D, K. 391

Sonata in B-flat, K. 358

Sonata in C, K. 521

Sonata in D, K. 447 (2 pianos)



Sempre Forte


Capriccio (2 pianos)



Variations on a theme by Latimer

La Belle Eccentrique

Fantasie, op. 103

Grand Duo




Fantasia Concertante


Water’s Edge

Summer Synchrony

Snazzy Sonata

* Written for and premiered by The Kaplan Duo

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